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Welcome to Intellectus Qualitative, the ultimate platform designed to redefine your qualitative research experience. Whether you’re a novice student researcher, a faculty member, or an experienced researcher, you’ve discovered a tool that combines simplicity with the power of AI.

How does it work?

Manual Mode: Users upload data or have the tool transcribe audio or video. Users can easily excerpt passages, assign passages to a code, and assign codes to themes.

AI Modes:

  • AI Coding: Users can highlight a passage, and AI can generate a code name and description.
  • AI Inductive Auto-Coding: Excerpts important passages, generates codes, names the codes, and describes the codes.
  • AI Deductive Auto-Coding: Excerpts additional passages based on pre-existing codes.
  • AI Thematizing: Users select codes to create a theme, then AI generates a theme name and description.
  • AI Auto-Thematizing: Automatically selects the optimal number of themes or user-selected number of themes, generates theme names and descriptions, and assigns codes to each theme.
  • Research Question – Theme Alignment – Rationale: Synthesizes themes into research questions and provides a rationale for the choice.

Unleash Your Research Potential

Join a growing community of scholars and professionals who have found the perfect balance of simplicity and functionality in Intellectus Qualitative. Get started today and transform the way you conduct qualitative research forever.

Why Choose Intellectus Qualitative

Qualitative analysis is a core skill for those in education, and many other industries. We make qualitative research easy and accessible.

Our Mission

At Intellectus Qualitative, our mission is to empower researchers, students, and institutions by providing an intuitive, efficient, and rigorous qualitative analysis platform. Our commitment to innovation and excellence ensures that our users can quickly and confidently derive meaningful insights from their data. We are dedicated to supporting academic and research communities worldwide with secure, reliable, and cutting-edge solutions that enhance data analysis productivity and facilitate research success.


Intellectus Qualitative empowers researchers to seamlessly conduct qualitative research with ease. We keep things simple by providing step-by-step guidance in coding data, creating themes, and generating a comprehensive summary document.

Going beyond the basics, our advanced AI functionality assists with excerpting, deriving and naming of the codes and themes, and producing drafts with themes aligned by research questions and the rationale for that alignment. To further support researchers, we offer video tutorials, unmatched customer support, and various training.

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